Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Butter London Disco Biscuit NOTD..................

Yayyyy, now the better light is here, I will be able to share some more Nail Of The Day posts with you.
And today's offering is something rather lovely.....

Meet Disco Biscuit from Butter London.

These pictures were taken in natural sunlight.

Disco Biscuit is a jelly based fuchsia polish with blue micro glitter. Its super pretty.

I had to use 4 coats for the finish above as I like an opaque finish. The natural nail line was still a little visible, something I'm not usually that keen on. 
I don't know if its the micro glitter but its not too obvious. This polish dries quite quickly to what I would call a demi matte finish, so I topped it off with a clear top coat as I like a nice shine. 

I was impressed with how this polish applied and I do like the colour, its pretty. I will tho try out an opaque pink as a base next time.
I will definitely try out some of the other Butter London polishes in the future, What shades do you recommend?



  1. What a beautiful colour ♥

    My crush for butter london has started :)


    1. hehehe, I wish I had a stand near me, I would love to get a look at them in real life rather than online swatches xxx


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