Friday, 3 February 2012

A Random act of kindness and compassion..............

I wouldn't normally do this, but today I just have to. I know that those of you who read my blog expect all things beauty but I had to share with you this random act of pure kindness and compassion that I witnessed this morning.

Its 4 below as I write this at work. The car took forever to deice. Now where I live and work is a nice area, I'm lucky. Like everywhere there are places a bit less desirable but all in all its a lovely place to live. We are by the seaside and the Downs and have beauty all around us.

I think that's why we forget.

Forget that there are people less fortunate than ourselves.

Next to where I work is a small open gated garage, space for one car. It belongs to our neighbours and goes unused most of the year.  Today my heart broke.

Snuggled in sleeping bags and blankets there are 3 homeless people and there beloved dog, trying to keep warm and get some sleep. As Richard dropped me off I caught a glimpse and said to him 'Omg, its so cold, what can I do??' As I muttered these words the lady from the next shop along emerged from the back door with a tray of tea, coffee, milk and biscuits.

Thank god we have people in this world like her. Something so simple as a cup of tea will make their day better. It wont give them a roof over their heads but it may just make things better for a few short minutes. I'm am a bit weepy as I write this, that simple act of kindness has made my day different, made me stop and think.

Think how no matter what everyone belongs to someone, homelessness can happen to anyone, bad luck is bad luck and can happen to any of us.

So if on your travels today you see someone less lucky than the majority of us, realise how lucky we all are. Spare them a smile of kindness, make someones day better.

Maria xxxx


  1. I'm so glad there are people out there who care, some many people just walk by :( its awful... anyone watch hollyoaks? that storyline is on homelessness atm, hopefully it will raise awareness.

    1. I am watching hollyoaks and I really hope it does raise awareness! I think some people take things for granted and like Maria said, thank god we have people who will actually stop and help x

    2. Your both right girls, lets home that things change and people become more aware xxx

  2. I went for a walk tonight and thought the same thing! My heart goes out to those out in the cold. Xxxx

  3. They must have been absolutely freezing! Its so nice to see that there are people out there that care, its just a shame the world is littered with selfish lazy ungrateful pigs. Like you said, homelessness can happen to anyone, we shouldn't take for granted what we have xxxxxx

    1. So true Cara. The poor things, My heart really did break for them. Thanks for the lovely comment babe xxx

  4. Aww that is beautiful :), it's nice to think that are some lovely people in the world and it's not just full of violence :). Just beautiful!!!

  5. This brought tears and a lump to my throat. Truly a beautiful act of kindness that doesn't happen that often in todays society.
    Thank you for sharing this Maria



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