Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mascara Disappointment :(.......................

Its not often that I post about being disappointed with products. I have found what I like and for the most part I stick to items I love, just trying different brands, colours etc.
For example, I'm NOT a cream shadow fan, apart from Paint Pots by MAC so I tend to just steer away from cream shadows.

This is why my disappointment with the product is such a surprise to me.
My favourite Premium brand Mascara is Hypnose by Lancome and I have also been a fan of their others too.
So when I decided it was time for a new Mascara (this is about 6 months ago now) I visited my local Lancome Counter and had a look at their then new Oscillation Vibrating Power Mascara.

This Mascara has a small button in the lid that causes the wand to vibrate applying product all the way from root to tip, all the way around the lashes. The vibration its self isn't as strange as I though it would be and didn't tickle either. So far so good, or so I thought.
My big grip with this mascara is that it really didn't give me extra length as promised, it did separate my lashes but gave the dreaded spiders legs look to them.
Worst yet it transferred. 

I have had this sat in my makeup bag for the longest time ( Naughty I know) but I just wanted to love it and after paying £31.00 I wanted to get some use out of it. Unfortunately every time I did use it I hated it a little bit more.

Have you tried this product? What did you think???



  1. Its a shame that you had high hopes for this mascara to find that it just wasn't working. I believe thats one of the reasons I hate buying higher end products without being able to test them first.


    1. You are so right, it is so hard when you find bad products that are high end, its frustrating xxx


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