Saturday, 4 February 2012

Lush Vitamin Tabs..................

I have really been suffering with my skin at the moment. All this cold weather and central heating are drying my usually combination skin out like you wouldn't believe.

I remembered that I had these LUSH Vitamin tabs that I had bought before Christmas in my bathroom cabinet and thought Id give them a go.

I had two, the Vit E and Vit C tablets.

The Vit E Steamer Tab is designed to be moisturising whilst the Vit C is to brighten and energise.
The Steamer Tabs are packed full of essential oils and vitamins. The steam delivers all the goodness into your skin.

I decided that I wanted to use the steamer tabs together for a double wammy.
You simply drop them into a bowl of hot water and watch them fizz away, almost like mini bath ballistics!!!
The fragrance that hit me was amazing. I steamed my face with a towel over my head for about 10 minutes. I found it really relaxing which I must admit I found surprising.

When I had finished I gently patted dry my skin and applied my usual moisturiser. I found that because my pores and skin was so fresh and open that my moisturiser glided over my skin and absorbed pretty instantly.

The Vitamin Steamer Tabs have definitely helped my skin and are something I will definitely do again.

They cost just 0.75p each from LUSH and feel like a much more expensive treat.

Have you every tried the Steamer Tabs???



  1. Apparently you can bottle the water and use it as a toner afterwards aswell! I might buy some today, I keep hearing good things about these!
    Thanks for the review :) x

    1. Oh wow, I didnt know that :(( Means I will have to get more on my lunch today :))xxx

  2. Oh wow, never tried them but definitely going to look out for them!

    1. I think they do several different ones :)) Id love to hear what you think :)xxx


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