Sunday, 12 February 2012

FashionistLip Glaze, for the Perfect Valentines Pout.............

With Valentines day around the corner, most of us are looking for that perfect pout.
I was sent a couple of the FashionistA Plumping Lip Glazes to try out (Alas my Superdrug doesn't stock the range). 
They promise to give you that perfect pout with a little extra fullness thanks to the added ingredient of MaxiLip.

The packaging is simply gorgeous and feels and looks far more expensive than the £5.00 price tag suggests. 
I'm a sucker for nice packaging as you all know and these for me are fabulous.

The glosses have a tapered doe foot applicator that delivers a nice amount of gloss in a single application. The tapered end also gives great control and allows you to line the lip line well. 
I love how these glosses have a good amount of pigmentation. I feel that they deliver the colour of a lipstick with the look of a gloss.

Pretty In Pink and Fashion Fuschia

The fragrance of the glazes reminds me of vanilla cupcakes and smells divine, they also have a sweet taste, a bonus in my opinion, who doesn't want to give sweet tasting kisses??

Pretty In Pink

Fashion Fuschia

The tingle factor that you get from these Glazes is just enough to let you know there is something going on without being uncomfortable or irritating. These lasted a good 1 1/2 -2 hours on my lips which for a lip gloss I think is good going. 

The full range has 7 colours and as I said, I was sent these, I  for one tho  will be hunting down a couple more, there is a shade called Hollywood that has my name written all over it!!

I think FashionistA has done it again, a classy, beautiful quality product at a fantastic price.

Have you tried these out yet?
What did you think?



  1. Fashion Fuschia looks lovely! Must haveeee xx

  2. I keep picking these up and testing them every time I'm in Superdrug but putting them right back down because I generally don't like plumping lip glosses incase they burn too much.
    I love the Pretty In Pink shade though so I might give it a try.

    1. The tingle really is very mild and I do not get any burn at all :)) Let me know if you do pick one up!!xxx

  3. They look fab on you babe. Fashion Fuchsia is on my wishlist =)



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