Thursday, 19 January 2012

Strawberry & Champagne Lip Butter.................

Unless you have been living under a stone of late, I'm sure that you will of heard beauty murmurs about Marshmallow blends. This is a new website aimed at those of us to quote the website
"crave delicious scented body products with a twist".

The lovely Nicoletta who is behind this fabulous new brand, tweeted that she had been working on Strawberry & Champagne Lip Butters and was kind enough to tweet me when they hit the online store.

I am a bit of a Lip Balm/salve/butter junkie, especially this time of the year as I can suffer with sore dry chapped lips if I'm not careful.
I'm so excited with this Lip butter I cannot tell you.....

As well as being beautifully moisturising, thanks to the Shea butter and aloe vera to name but a few of the all natural ingredients; it comes in the cutest heart shaped tin. Perfect for puckering up for Valentines day. He he. The fragrance is delicious, sweet enough but not sickly at all.

The butter its self is the prettiest soft baby pink and has a lovely texture that melts into your lips without leaving them feeling heavy or worse yet greasy.

The Lip Butters cost £3.99 and I think make an amazing present. I know that I will be gifting some of these through out the year.

If Strawberry & Champagne isn't your cup of tea there are others, Maple, Lemon Cheesecake and Amaretto among them.

So if you are looking to try beautiful handmade products at a great price then head on over to

Have a fab day!!



  1. Thanks for such a brilliant review Maria :) xx

  2. The white chocolate and honey one is also delicious!


  3. I came across these a few days back and am looking forward to trying some of the products out. This lip balm sounds divine, thanks for the great review :o) xox

    1. Glad you enjoyed it hun :)) I reall cant tell you how delicious they are hehe xxxx

  4. oooh wow! They look gorgeous, i'm like you, a lip salve junkie! But i always tend to go back to my trusty pot of Vaseline because they never live upto it! always feel too heavy on my lips! What does this taste like?

    1. It tastes slightly sweet but not overly of anything which I like :) It feels moisturising without feeling heavy too, I also hate that weighed down feeling to my lips :))xxxx


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