Thursday, 10 November 2011

NOTD Feat OPI You Dont Know Jacques...................

Sorry I have been MIA lately!!! We got a new dog on Tuesday, a Lil Bichon Frise Called Maisy and I have been busy getting the Lil Miss all settled in to her new home.

So any way here is my NOTD post at longggggg last....
OPI You Dont Know Jacques

OPI Nail Envy Base 1 Coat
OPI You Don't Know Jacques 2 Coats

As you all know I have been stepping out of my comfort zone recently and trying new darker shades and Cara had mentioned this colour to me. And I am sooooo excited!! I LOVE IT!!! I can totally see why this Taupe Grey is so popular, its totally worth all the hype. Its opaque in 2 cots, applies fantastically with no smears or streaking and has a stunning shine. This really is one of my new faves!!! Thank you Cara!!!!

What do you think of this colour??



  1. Gorgeous autumnal colour!!


  2. No probs hun :) you've made me want to paint my nails this colour when I get home, haha!
    Awww hope Maisy is settling in ok :) xx

  3. @AspirationsOfGlam Thanks Liz!! Its all thanks to Cara that I discovered it xxx

    @Cara Robinson Maisy has settled in fab thanku lovely!!! Did u paint ur nails when you got home??xxx


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