Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Maybelline Eye Studio................

I want to talk to you about an eye shadow that I bought a few months back and have only just got round to showing some love too.

I am talking about the Maybelline Eye studio shadows.

I picked this colour because I loved the soft creamy pinky grey colour that you get from the right hand side. Its just so so pretty. I have worn this twice in the last week and had compliments both days.
The black is a really lovely dark charcoal black with very subtle and pretty glitter.

With Flash

Natural Light

As you can see the lighter shade almost has a slight lilac tone to it in natural light.
I'm really pleased I rediscovered this in my collection and am going to enjoy using this.

Have you tried nay of the Eye Studio range???



  1. i love the pink shade, i wonder if you have the blue shadow from this range, i'm considering getting it and i'd love to see some swatches

  2. I love these there are some swatches somewhere on my blog of the two I have - in a rediscovered products post I think

  3. @habhouba I dont have the Blue :(( Im on a spending ban too at the mo so I wont be getting it im afraid :((xx

    @Louise Im gonna check that post out :))xx


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