Sunday, 16 October 2011

Guest post by Juicy Lucy from All Things Beautiful.........

Today's guest Post is By Lucy from All Things Beautiful :)



 So i was extremely lucky to get sent out to me these 2 Batiste products, (available from superdrug for only £1.45 at the moment original price is £2.99) one is a hint of colour medium & brunette and the other is a hint of colour dark & deep brown.

I recently done a blog post on Swarzkopft got2b rockin it dry shampoo and as i said i thought it was AMAZING, but this one is better purely because its available for darker hair types which means it is a brown powder instead of a white which makes such a difference, you really cant tell that its on apart from the fact you no longer have greasy looking hair lol, i really would recommend this to anyone with darker hair!!!



So sorry for the poor picture but u can tell the difference it makes, it looks like iv actually washed my hair!!! i used the dark & deep brown one as my hair is quite dark but the medium one works just as fabulously :) I'm ready to rock another day ;)

mwah xxxx

A massive thank you to Lucy for this great post. You can follow the lovely Lucy on Twitter and you have to check out her fab Blog All Things Beautiful :)) 

Thank you again Lucy :))))xxxxx

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