Monday, 15 August 2011

Playing with glitter.......

So yesterday when I took my polish off I thought I would have a lil play with some of my loose glitter and a clear polish......

This is what I came up with...

It was a little messy to do, tidying up around the edges and that sort of thing. I took the out of focus photo to show the sparkle of the glitter. It looked OK and I think for a night out using loose glitter might be something fun to do. For everyday tho it felt far to thick on my nail.....

It was just a bit a bit of fun, I was curious what it would look like and now I know!! Hehehehe.

Stay sparklicious

Maria xxxxxx


  1. You really do live up to your name, don't you lol , who doesn't love a bit of glitter <3

  2. Thats a really good idea and it looks great. Perfect for nights out when you need or want that extra sparkle XD


  3. I sure do Claire!! Hehehe.

    Thats excatly what i thought Kristin :)) Next time i see a glitter eye pigment I love ill be brave coz I know I can use it for my eyes!!xx


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