Wednesday, 3 August 2011

MUA Professional Range.......

I headed into my local Superdrug this morning, eager to get my hands on the new Sleek Pot Polishes, When I got in there tho all there was were the testers :( Gutted is an under statement!!!

On my way out I did spot something interesting.....
The MUA Professional range is finally in!!! Here is what I picked up.

The Heaven and Earth Eye shadow palette and two of the trios in (L To R)
Eden and Chocolate Box

First of all the swatches of the trios....

L To R
Eden and Chocolate Box

the Trios are just £2.50 each and have a lovely creamy texture, there is little or no fallout and they are very well pigmented. A really nice product. I cant wait to use the green!!! :))

Next Up the 12 palette......

The Heaven And Earth palette costs £4.00.
As you can see the lighter shades don't have very much pigment which is disappointing. Also the last two colours in the bottom row both have alot of fallout. Of the 12 shades in the palette there is only 6 that I would use, however it is still good value as that means each colour is just 0.67p, you cant really argue with that.

MUA is available from selected branches of Superdrug. 

Have you tried MUA yet??


Maria xxxxx


  1. I want the MUA heaven and earth pallette. The only thing I use from MUA is the lipstick and eyeshadows! xxx

  2. These look pretty nice for so cheap! I'm a bit of a Superdrug addict..

  3. These colours are lovely! The only colours I can pull off are brown eyeshadows so i will definitely be purchasing these! Incredibly cheap too. Great post sweet xxx

  4. You should try the green, i have them on today and they are amazing!!! Go on give it a go, for £2.50 you cant go wrong!!xxx

  5. Me too Claire, Im always in and out. Do you use the 10% discount offer thats on the back of the til reciept???xxx

  6. I really like the lipsticks Sophie, which is your fav??xxx


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