Friday, 5 August 2011

Mini Sleek Haul.................

My Superdrug at last got the Pout Paints in!!! Yayyyyyyyyy, hehe. They still didn't get all the colours in but hey ho, the 3 for 2 off is on in Superdrug for a month :)

As well as my 3 Pout Paints I picked up a couple of  the Pout Polishes and 3 of there Lip glosses.
Now I'm not sure about you but Ive never seen these before!!!
Maybe my Superdrug has them out to early???
What ever I'm happy with my purchases ...

L To R
Pixie, Blasie and Bitten

Bare Minimum and Peach Perfection

The much waited for Pout Paints in
Mauve Over, Peachy Keen and Cloud 9

I haven't done any swatches today as I'm going to do Lip swatches at the weekend so that I can show you the colours properly.

I cant wait to try these out!!!!


Maria xxxxx

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