Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Boudoir Prive, the first box..........

There has been alot of anticipation for the Bourdoir Prive Box this month. As the first it is important that the company have got it right, especially with all the competition from the likes of Glossy Box and the new Feel Unique box.

So when the postman arrived and had my box, I was more than a little excited...
Here is my first impressions and review...

A pink box, very similar to Glossy Box. Was it just me tho girls or did the packaging, although presented very prettily, just not feel as good quality?? I know the box isn't the point but its nice to have that feel of Luxury, and I don't know about you, I've kept my boxes...

Inside it was presented very prettily, and the most lovely thing is the personal note inside.
A lovely touch I think....

What we got inside.....
L To R
sachajuan Conditioner - nice smell :))
Jane Iredale Pure Lash Extender and Conditioner- My favourite item in the box!!!
Olavie Wine Therapy Chardonnay Body Butter- Not for me, terrible smell :((
Babor Lifting Extra Firming Cream
Green and White tea Duo- Had these today, very nice....
2 Fragrance samples, Elat Libre D'Orange and Archives 69 - I had these in my July G.box.

All in all I was a bit disappointed with the first box. I think that maybe its just a little bit too High End for me...
I like to recognise some of the names I am receiving as well as discovering a few new ones.

I haven't decided if I'm going to get the 2nd or cancel my subscription now, I know how impressed I was with Glossy Box when I saw the first, and even with the price increase from September, I think that at the moment its 1-0 to Glossy Box.

What do you think??
Did you get Boudoir Prive and love it?? Is it just me???


Maria xxxxx


  1. I haven't heard about any off these products, hopefully they are good :)

    Love Christine ♥

  2. Hi Maria, Boudoir Privé here. We appreciate your honest review. I'd like to just specify that we try to make our boxes a mixture of high end and more mainstream brands. For us, the quality of a product is also what makes it luxurious!

  3. Hi Boudoir Prive,
    I totallyy understand your viewpoint of wanting things to be fantastic quality and I applaud you for that.

    As I said it may just be me, and im sure that there are many many people who are thrilled, maybe im just a little bit out of your demographic.

    Next month will tell me if Boudoir Prive and I are suited.

    Thank you for your feedback!!



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