Saturday, 30 July 2011

Follower 50 give away :)))).....(CLOSED!!!)

OK peeps its come to that time.............

I am very excited to do this.
Here is what you can win...

A little bag of goodies, including some of my favourite things :)))

L To R
No17 Supreme Shine nail colour in Bared, Models Own, Smash It Up Pink

Loreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara, Models Own Shimmer Eye Kohl In Azure Blue

Elf eyeshadow Quad in IVY

Soap&Glory Hand Food

Girls Aloud Eyelashes in Kimberly

A cosmetic bag :))

I would like to point out that all these items were bought by myself with my own money.

OK, this give away will start as soon as I reach 50 followers.
To enter all you have to do is.....
            • Be a follower
            • Follow me on Twitter CLICK HERE!!!
            • Tweet about this giveaway. Please Tag me in the post.
Finally the last thing is this, I want you to leave me a comment on this post.
Tell me what got you into blogging....
Whether its reading , writing or both, tell me what inspired you.

I will then pick the winner from all your comments. As I said, tell me why you blog or read blogs. Make me smile!!!
This competition is open to all country's.

The person I deem the winner will win all of the above.
I will also add a couple of little surprises that the winner will find out when they receive the prize.
2nd place will win a pair of the Kimberly Lashes.
I will announce the winner on my blog and twitter and contact the winner for details from there.

So come on everyone, lets get me to 50 followers :)))


Maria xxxxx


  1. What got me into blogging?

    Blogs like yours! I love that there is a community out there for people with various interests to explore and discuss their thoughts and opinions. I love that the beauty community provides advice on products before buying. It's a brilliant idea. Its a space where people can be creative!!!

    - Rachel

  2. My passion for beauty and make-up! And the disappointment when a product isn't as good as you expect it too be. The blogging community allows you to be creative, while at the same time advising people on the best products out there! I love blogging and helping people find their ideal product. I also love attending blogging events, witnessing how people come together because they all have the same passion. The beauty blogging community is really coming together, its great!! I love reading your blog because you provide great photos and often blog about new products which are interesting to read about :D and help you when considering trying them out yourself :D.

    Becca from!

  3. What got me into blogging? Hmmm, where to start?
    I saw a blog which my friend recommended and it was really inspirational: the photos were so beautiful, her blog title posts were very creative and her words were so interesting. So, I decided to start up a blog 2 years ago. I have 26 followers haha, but I treasure each one.
    I am wildly fascinated my journalism and some day I hope I will be a writer for a magazine (Please god, let it be Vogue! :D) I am in love with fashion as every person in the world has their own style, whether it be a tramp on the street wearing battered jackets and hats, a teenage girl inspired by all things beautiful and mildly stylish (me!), or a man with absolutely no taste in fashion (but yet he might wear ankle biter smart trousers and geek glasses which represents individulity and a geek chic look).
    I just love my English surroundings, and the world I have yet to explore: I just hoped and wished that people everywhere would look at my blog and leave with a smile.
    Nobody I knew at my school had a blog and I wanted to be the first one, so that maybe I could inspire others to join in with the blogging craze and start one themselves!
    I could go on and on but I know I have maybe written too much haha. Thank you very much for the oppertunity to write about why i started blogging, because I reminded myself that its not about the amount of followers I have (because I was upset up it).
    I hope you reach 50 followers sweet as you deserve it. Your posts are so helpful, inspirational, quirky and interesting! I will let people know about your blog xxx


  4. I'm a new follower through GFC (Angie).

    I follow you on twitter as @angiewith3

    RT'd giveaway and tagged you:!/angiewith3/status/99636158539112448

    I got into blogging because I was always (and still do) find good deals on all kinds of products. For me it was like the thrill of the hunt. I was finding free samples too. My family and friends would always ask me "How did you find out about that sale?" "Where did you get a sample of that at?" So i decided to create a blog to kind of centralize all the sites an info. I just give them the link to my blog and done.

    angiewith3 at live dot com


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