Friday, 29 July 2011

An ELF Haul........

As alot of you know, ELF recently had a 50% offer off all items.
Because of this I thought it would be rude not to place an order, hehehe. I did go a little crazy but in all fairness I've tried to order brushes and the ones I want are always out of stock!!! This time however, JACKPOT!!! 

So first up brushes,

L To R
Blending eye brush (0.75p) Eyeshadow brush (0.75p) Contour Brush (£1.75)
Stipple brush (£1.75) and Powder brush (£1.75)
and 12 Mascara wands (£1.75)
These are all sale prices

L To R
Lipstick in Seductive, Lip liner in Natural Blush, blush in Glow, Eyeshadow Quads in Teal Dream and Ivy ( Ivy is for my giveaway!!)
All items £0.75p

L To R
Minty Lip Gloss in, New York, Miami, Los Angles and Huston.
Matte Lip colour in Coral and Tea Rose.
All £1.75

I am looking forward to trying all my goodies as I have only tried a couple of ELF products.
I think that for half price You really cant complain about value, its truly fab!!!

Did you get anything in the ELF sale??

Are there products I'm missing out on??


Maria xxxxx


  1. Lovely haul, I placed an order earlier in the week but haven't recieved it yet.

  2. Please let me know what you think of the matte lip colours! I was very excited when they were originally released but was worried they'd highlight any imperfections/sit in the surface of the lips in a really obvious way - so I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'd make some suggestions of other products of theirs that I love, but you already got them :o) x

  3. Hi ya :)) I will let you know how they are, so far so good!!! Have a fab weekend :))xx


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