Monday, 23 May 2011

Sunshiney days and bright Hello's

Hey Y'all,
Welcome to my shiny new Blog. Its been in the making a while...far too long in fact.

I'm planing on sharing my love of beauty products, clothes, jewellery and all things girly with you. I need to share my addiction with some one as I'm sure all my friends and family just think I'm crazy for my love of makeup, and crazy i may be, but i just love it. Ive been addicted since i got that first bright magenta lipstick when i was 5, it held the answers to the world to me. How i loved my makeup box, full of my Nana's and mums old bits n piece's, I could waste hours playing with it and experimenting with all the powders and creams in there exciting colours and textures.

Thankfully i have left the magenta lipstick behind me and found my way in the make up world. Having worked for several department store brands i am a qualified makeup artist, helping brides to look beautiful on their big days, prom queens look like stars and filling in all the bits in between.

I hope that you will come along with me on my blogging journey!!

Have a fab day <3

Maria xxx

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